A time survival game with top-down shooter gameplay and roguelike elements. The demons are here, and you need to escape to the skies!

Created by 4 students in a week for Zeno Jam 6. The game can be played on this page or in Windows with mouse and keyboard or a controller. There is also an Android version with it's own mobile layout. Feel free to use what's most comfortable for you!

Features sounds and music by Saku Rantalainen (@Gaggens).

Note: WebGL version has some problems, including broken UI elements in Google Chrome when changing resolutions mid-game, and missing visual effects (because WebGL has no compute shader support). Thus, it is recommended to download either the Windows or Android version for the best experience.

Used assets

Easy Character Movement 2: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/physics/easy-character-movement-2-19...

Unity URP Outlines: https://github.com/Robinseibold/Unity-URP-Outlines


Demon Uprising (Windows) 45 MB
Demon Uprising (Android) 66 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip, unzip it and start the .exe or .apk file.


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Dude this game is awesome. Awesome movement, music, and great implementation and balancing of the dash move.


main game music is good